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Inspiration Is Everywhere Inc.

Mission Statement

Inspiration Is Everywhere (IIE) seeks to ensure that our community members are able to receive the care and services, best suited for their needs, when challenges arise in their lives.


Vision Statement

Beginning with its roots as an educational art organization, Inspiration Is Everywhere is a community need-centered non-profit that views our existing system of community aid to be large but imperfect and believes that with an openminded, adaptation driven approach, we can fill in the gaps that many Cape & Islands community members fall through.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide our residents with the services best suited to meet their needs and to leave no Cape Codder struggling for support.


Everyone needs help sometimes, and everyone has help they can offer. We get through this together, no matter how great or small the need, if you need it, we will try our best to help you.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Vision

There are many services on Cape Cod for those in need. However, the system is still incomplete and leaves many residents in a limbo-like place where they cannot get those needs met. We seek to be the connection between these places. We do not duplicate services. If we can help you with it, we will. Or we will connect you with whoever can. We can also provide support in figuring out the type of help you require, when things feel like too much. Everyone needs help sometimes, and with a little inspiration, creative solutions are abundant. 

And we believe that Inspiration Is Everywhere, even if you just need some help seeing it.

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