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There are so many ways to volunteer at Inspiration Is Everywhere. We have weekly, monthly, specialty circumstance-based, and event/fundraising opportunities to fit everyone's schedules, abilities, and interests. At IIE, we fill in gaps of need in our community; which means that there are always new, exciting, and eclectic ways to help. The work we do makes sure that no one falls between the gaps or is left feeling hopeless and alone. Many hands make light work, and when everyone does a little it turns into a lot!

On-call Driving
Lack of access to affordable and reliable transportation is a huge issue in our community, especially those with disabilities or financial limitations. This barrier makes it harder for people without cars or licenses to succeed and feel confident in accomplishing daily tasks such as going to and from job interviews, shopping, or appointments on time. Scheduling trips with our volunteer drivers is an easy and comfortable way for Neighbors In Need to stay mobile and independent while they take care of their responsibilities and errands. An individual with a clean driving record, a car, valid driver's license, and insurance would be an ideal and invaluable asset to the IIE family.

Skilled Labor
Working professionals in our community with specialized skills and training are always needed at Inspiration Is Everywhere, from carpentry, to plumbing or electrical work,  to automotive repair, to IT services, or landscaping and much more. We partner with local volunteer professionals and businesses, in order to help Neighbors In Need receive discounted or free services on a sliding scale. If you have a service, we assure you, the need will arise. Skilled Labor Volunteers change lives in our community by donating their time and/or resources to help maintain and repair projects that seem insurmountable to those who cannot afford regular services. 



Inspiration Is Everywhere  hosts several fundraising events annually. Our events are all family-friendly, and usually in the afternoons. Volunteer opportunities at events include setting up and breaking down tables, chairs, and tents, serving food, selling tickets and raffle tickets, putting up flyers around town or sharing the event on social media, and trash duty. We try to encourage all volunteers to help out with the fundraising events if possible, not only because the extra hands are helpful, but it is important for the community to see our whole IIE family working together at high visibility opportunities. Fundraising events have tasks that suit every skill and ability le

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Code of

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Inspiration Is Everywhere

Inspiration Is Everywhere (IIE) seeks to ensure that our community members are able to receive the care and services, best suited for their needs, when challenges arise in their lives.


Phone: 504-699-6932

Registered Charity: 82-5186366

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